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File 1040EZ

Taxpayer's have an extra day to file!!

The due date to file your 2015 tax return is April 18, 2016,
instead of April 15, 2016, because of the Emancipation Day Holiday.



Attention to All E-Filers who decide on making their tax payments in person (not electronically):

  • Please proceed to make payment to any Treasurer of Guam location, and
  • Provide two (2) copies of the e-filed returns.

As a reminder, Collections Branch at the Department of Revenue and Taxation will no longer accept payments on e-filed tax accounts.

Online Payments are back!

Our payment website is back online. Please visit and register now to be able to pay your real property tax, income tax, gross receipts tax, and several other tax obligations.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contactthe PIN Admin at or at (671) 635-1809.

Online Vehicle Registration is back!

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If you have any questions please review the Renewal FAQ & Guide to Renewing Online pages or contact the PIN Admin at or at (671) 635-1809.

2015 1040EZ E-Filing
is here!

Filing Jurisdiction

Are you eligible to file with the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation?

There are three tests you must meet to be eligible to file taxes with our department.

Find out if you meet the requirements for filing in Guam

  What is MyGuamTax?  

MyGuamTax is a subsidiary site of our parent site This site provides online services for individual (non-commercial) taxpayers.

Our online services allow you to conduct business with our department electronically over the Internet.

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Looking to file your GRTs?

MyGuamTax was built specifically for e-filing transactions for individual taxpayers. To perform commercial e-filing transactions, such as filing your GRTs or SWICA reports, please login to using your GuamTax user account.

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